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About Us

We love software! Software is our “thing.”  With over 20 years in the business, we really like developing software and mobile apps—especially when we get to do it for a super cool business or individual…like you! 

What’s New

We’ve got lots of projects under our belts and many more underway. This think tank never rests! Our greatest wish would just be for more time in the day…if only we could develop software to do that!

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Have a request for a specific product?  Want a free proposal to know how much your project will cost? Just want to leave a comment or question?  Need technical support for one of our products?  Write us! 

Latest Blog Post

Neon Poly has launched! Get ready to be addicted!

Our newest Mobile Game has officially launched and is now on the iOS App Store! Neon Poly is an easy-to-play yet fun-to-master puzzle game. There are nine different board configurations for puzzling fun for all ages and skill levels. And as if playing a puzzle game wasn’t fun enough, you can earn bonus points by clearing multiple lines in a single move and earn XP for each line that is cleared! Save up your XP to spend on Power Ups to perform special moves! There are no time limits, so you can play at your own pace until there are no more moves on the... Read more

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