Explore the world of entertainment like never before with this comprehensive mobile app that brings you cast and crew details, film and television connections, latest trends, stunning images, captivating trailers, insightful community reviews, reliable ratings, and intriguing facts—all at your fingertips. AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ – After two years of development, Lobster Claw Software LLC is excited to announce the international launch of ‘Who They With‘, a fun and intuitive mobile app designed to connect film and television enthusiasts with the complex web of relationships in the entertainment world. Inspired by the concept of ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,’ Who They With offers anRead More →

Hey there, fellow productivity seekers and digital list-lovers! Are you ready to meet the digital equivalent of a personal assistant, life coach, and fairy godparent all rolled into one? Let’s talk about Trello—the super cool, visually appealing, and ridiculously user-friendly project management tool that’s about to flip your world right side up. Welcome to the Land of Organized Zen Picture this: a virtual corkboard (but way prettier) where you can pin all your tasks, dreams, and even your wildest work projects. Trello lets you create boards for literally anything, from planning your friend’s wedding to launching a rocket (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but if you’reRead More →

Calling all tech lovers and gadget geeks! Are you ready to transform your tech experience from “meh” to “woah”? You’ve got these shiny devices at your fingertips, but are you really squeezing all the juicy goodness out of them? Probably not, but no worries—I’ve got some tips to rev up your digital life! Future-Proof Your Gadgets: When you’re eyeing that alluring piece of tech, pause and think—will it still make you swoon next year? Choose gear that grows with you! Password Managers are BFFs: Remembering passwords is so last year. Get a password manager to keep your secrets safe and make logins a breeze. BackRead More →

Our newest Mobile Game has officially launched and is now on the iOS App Store! Neon Poly is an easy-to-play yet fun-to-master puzzle game. There are nine different board configurations for puzzling fun for all ages and skill levels. And as if playing a puzzle game wasn’t fun enough, you can earn bonus points by clearing multiple lines in a single move and earn XP for each line that is cleared! Save up your XP to spend on Power Ups to perform special moves! There are no time limits, so you can play at your own pace until there are no more moves on theRead More →

Every time I wander aimlessly through Best Buy perusing all the fun techie gadgets, I always linger a bit longer when passing by the Philips Hue Lighting System display.  The pretty colors, the dimmable mood lighting, the endless possibilities…it was definitely on my “wish list” of cool gadgets.  Although we inevitably did not go the Philips Hue Lighting route, we did try out the Wink Hub 2.  And it’s awesome! Yes, home automation has been around for quite a while now and yes you may be thinking, “Ok, get with the times already.”  BUT…for someone who has never experienced the amazingness of home automation, it’sRead More →

Apparently, Siri is a little more human than we thought.  After living with Siri for many years now, turns out I know very little about her (or him, if you change the voice style…and now you can select accents, too! Just go to Settings > General > Siri).  Fortunately, as with human relationships, it just takes a few questions to learn more! For example, did you know you could ask Siri to “flip a coin”?  Or “roll the dice”?  And you can decide how many sides there are to the dice that Siri rolls!  Want to know what the latest tweets are from your favoriteRead More →

Every birthday, Christmas, anniversary or Valentine’s Day, I try to give my husband the “best gift ever”…well, that is until the next gift-giving day rolls around.  And then I’ve got to top myself with an even best-er gift ever, which then creates the vicious cycle I’ve been in for years now!  And I’ve loved every minute of it.  I’m always thinking, planning, brainstorming, researching on what the next crazy awesome gift might be.  And this past Christmas, I was once again successful.  Because what’s the one thing a man in his 30’s would want more than anything else for Christmas??  That’s right, video games!! ButRead More →

As the summer is slowly winding down, I find myself eagerly anticipating the fall. Cooler weather, leaves changing colors, holidays with family and of course…Apple releasing a newer iPhone! Speculation has been swirling about the next release and all the features it might bring. But my biggest question is, “Are you people gonna fix the ‘Bendgate’ craziness?!” I tend to avoid reading too much about what people think will be in the new release because with Apple, you really never know. And I would rather avoid the extreme disappointment I would feel if Apple ended up not adding the feature to allow Siri to singRead More →

I just climbed El Capitan mountain in Yosemite…from my couch!  Not possible, you say?  Google says otherwise. Starting today, Google Map users can “climb” The Nose and Dawn Wall routes of El Capitan right from their computer.  Just head on over to Google Maps and use the Street View to scale the mighty mountain without breaking a sweat (well, unless you look at it from your Texas apartment in the dead heat of summer while your A/C is broken…then it’s just Sweat City 24/7 regardless of Google’s attempts at convenience). And check out the cool video below of the people that did the actual climbing of the mountain whileRead More →

Man, am I glad that Stuart didn’t know about this when we were in the seventh grade together.  He was the resident school bully, always looking for ways to make my already difficult middle school existence even more challenging.  If this little tool was around back then and in his hands, it would have been “goodbye Cali” and “hello foreign exchange student program”.  But, thankfully, my dependence on the good ol’ Master Combination Lock that I used on my school locker was secure, along with my lunch, gym clothes and that note I passed to Jimmy in second period about how much I didn’t like Stuart. Now?  Not so much.Read More →