Will iPhone 6s be the end of “Bendgate”?

As the summer is slowly winding down, I find myself eagerly anticipating the fall. Cooler weather, leaves changing colors, holidays with family and of course…Apple releasing a newer iPhone! Speculation has been swirling about the next release and all the features it might bring. But my biggest question is, “Are you people gonna fix the ‘Bendgate’ craziness?!”

I tend to avoid reading too much about what people think will be in the new release because with Apple, you really never know. And I would rather avoid the extreme disappointment I would feel if Apple ended up not adding the feature to allow Siri to sing me a lullaby while projecting 3D sheep jumping over my bed, as speculated by one blog post I found. Even in my meager attempts to avoid speculation, I inevitably end up reading articles about what might become of the next iPhone. And recently I read some very good news! It seems that they will be attempting to fix “Bendgate” after all.

Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy, who originally posted the video starting “Bendgate” in the first place, released another video recently with some promising information. Apparently, Apple is increasing the thickness is key areas of the iPhone shell that should resist bending or misshaping. He does all the fancy shmancy measuring in the video below.

It’s good news for iPhone folks!  Now, if they could just work on the 3D jumping sheep part…