Did “Bendgate” Get You?

It was a warm, sunny day and not a cloud in the sky. The birds were serenading me as I excitedly walked up to the door, flung it open and then…the chorus sang. I had arrived at the Apple Store to pickup my iPhone 6. I could barely contain my excitement as I unwrapped the beautiful, shiny new toy that I would inevitably spend hours and hours tapping my little finger on, exploring all the wonders Apple promised me.

And as with every technology purchase I make, there was a part of me that kept saying, “Did I choose the right size? The right color? The right case?” I had done so much research for my next phone purchase and yet still had my doubts. After all, the iPhone 6 Plus did look pretty nice. That beautiful, retina HD display in all its 5.5” inch glory, the ease of use when the buttons and icons are that much bigger…it all sounded so nice. But also sounded…big.

I tested out both the 6 and 6 Plus before making the final purchase. It was awkward to hold the 6 Plus in my hand with that large size, but doable. My thumb could barely make it where I needed it to go all the way up in that far upper corner, but I could make that work. But then came the ultimate test…the pocket test. I had been used to the iPhone 5 being in my pocket every day and gotten very used to that size. When I slipped the iPhone 6 into my jeans pocket, it was definitely a change to get used to, but also doable. But the iPhone 6 Plus? No way. I knew I couldn’t get used to that large phone in my pocket. And only a little bit later after my purchase did I find out just how tricky that would have been.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of it…the “Bendgate” scandal. An iPhone actually bending in your pocket. The first time I heard about this I thought it was something a competitor fabricated. Someone could actually bend their phone?? After a lifetime of corded home phones, bulky car phones and even the more recent flip phones, the idea of a phone bending from being in your pocket sounded at least a bit farfetched. But sure enough, I found the video online of the bend tests and was just as shocked as many other people were.

Now, most phones will bend if given enough pressure in the right angle. But, according to this article, the iPhone 6 Plus bends with just 110 pounds of pressure. Yes, that’s a significant amount of pressure. But considering this is an Apple product, I have to admit that I expected better engineering.

Supposedly, Apple is working hard on their next release of the iPhone (6S, anyone?) to make “Bendgate” a thing of the past. Possibly by re-engineering the weak points of the frame. Possibly by changing up the material they use for the casing. I’m sure whatever it is, it will be very Apple-esque and fancy. But for now, I’m thankful I chose the iPhone 6 and not the 6 Plus.   Maybe if their next version has a “no-bend” promise, I’ll consider the larger size. Although, I’m not sure my thumb would appreciate it.

What about you? Do you have an iPhone 6 Plus? Do you know all too well what Unbox Therapy demonstrated for us (video below)? Did “Bendgate” get you?