Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Metroid, Oh My!

Every birthday, Christmas, anniversary or Valentine’s Day, I try to give my husband the “best gift ever”…well, that is until the next gift-giving day rolls around.  And then I’ve got to top myself with an even best-er gift ever, which then creates the vicious cycle I’ve been in for years now!  And I’ve loved every minute of it.  I’m always thinking, planning, brainstorming, researching on what the next crazy awesome gift might be.  And this past Christmas, I was once again successful.  Because what’s the one thing a man in his 30’s would want more than anything else for Christmas??  That’s right, video games!!

But not just any video games…retro Nintendo games, specifically games for the NES and SNES (also known as Super Famicom in some countries).  Of course, I’d also have to get him a console to play them.  I considered buying the original, real-deal consoles, but the ones I found were definitely above my price-point to get both…and the ones that were more in my price range were questionable as to whether or not they would actually keep working after I got them.  Even though I couldn’t get the original system, I found some really great “imitation” systems.

The one I ended up getting was the Retro-Bit RetroDuo Twin Video Game System.  I decided on this one because not only did it have good reviews, it also had a nice design, played both NES and SNES in one console, came with two wired controllers (I’ll come back to this point later) and was a mere flip-of-the-switch to go from NES to SNES fun-times!

I also looked at the Hyperkin RetroN 2 SNES / NES Video Games Twin Console, which had an awesome color scheme that looked just like the original SNES system.  Brings back great memories just looking the picture!  This system has great features, but what ultimately turned me away from this one was the fact that it has one NES and one SNES controller.  I wanted two SNES controllers…just a personal preference.

Previously, I mentioned the wired controllers being a selling point for me on the Retro-Bit system.  That’s because we also have a Sega Genesis AtGames Classic Game Console that came with two wireless controllers…and they are a bit troublesome.  While I do think the Sega Genesis console is fantastic and comes loaded with tons of games, I would definitely prefer wired controllers.  The wireless controllers are infrared, which means you cannot break line of sight with the console or you’ll get your butt-kicked in Mortal Kombat. All too often, we’ve been playing a game and I tip my controller a bit too high or to one side and then I’m no longer controlling my player, which can be very frustrating.  I mean, we all know that playing video games includes moving your hands and arms along with your characters!  We can’t stay completely still!

Along with the Retro-Bit system, I got my husband one of his favorite NES games of all time…Metroid.  Obviously, this game and all retro games can get pretty pricey if you look for “New” condition, but I’ve found that the market for “Used” condition NES and SNES games is pretty reliable and you can find a working game for a reasonable price.  I had never played Metroid before, but now having watched my husband play it I understand why he likes it so much!  It’s a really fun game!  I, personally, am an Aladdin (SNES) and Super Mario World (SNES) fan.

Needless to say, my husband was beyond thrilled with this Christmas gift!  The Retro-Bit was a really great purchase and has held up just fine to all his game playing.  He also found that eBay was a really great site to buy used games and has since purchased many more NES and SNES games!  It’s been fun for both of us playing all our childhood games.

Christmas 2015 was a huge success.  Now…onto Valentine’s Day 2016…and an even best-er gift for him!