First, El Capitan. Next, the Great Barrier Reef?

I just climbed El Capitan mountain in Yosemite…from my couch!  Not possible, you say?  Google says otherwise.

Starting today, Google Map users can “climb” The Nose and Dawn Wall routes of El Capitan right from their computer.  Just head on over to Google Maps and use the Street View to scale the mighty mountain without breaking a sweat (well, unless you look at it from your Texas apartment in the dead heat of summer while your A/C is broken…then it’s just Sweat City 24/7 regardless of Google’s attempts at convenience).

And check out the cool video below of the people that did the actual climbing of the mountain while we watch from our couch.

I have to say, it’s things like this that still put me in awe of technology and how far we’ve come.  And also makes me excited to see where we will go next.  Will Google let us scuba dive to the bottom of the ocean from Street View next?  Or take us on a Space Shuttle with just a few clicks from Maps?  I guess it’s only a matter of time.